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Businesses in the Middle East face real challenges; new business models, new strategies, new technologies, stronger competitors and more demanding customers. ESTN is delivering solutions to leading businesses with the vision and agility to respond quickly and flexibly to rapidly changing market conditions. ESTN single-page responsive web site is presenting ESTN products, solutions and services in a user-friendly attractive user interface.


Extraordinary Instruments

Few exceptional makers around the world are creating beautiful hand-made music instruments, that can deliver new ranges of sounds and sound colours, instruments that can be special or rare. Discovering these instruments requires knowledge, perseverance and sometimes just luck. We have created this web site to help players discover, experience and even purchase such extraordinary instruments.


Aurarius Investment Group

Aurarius Investment Group is an owner-managed entrepreneurial firm with professionals working across the whole value chain of alternative investments to generate stable, positive returns for investors. Established since 2010, Aurarius is committed to provide institutional investors worldwide with targeted investments solutions in real assets, financial and private markets.

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